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Beauty myth DMI water system Chengzhao various regions of the country agents

A DMI agent, 

2 good credit, high brand enthusiasm, excellent brand management ideas. 

3 have confidence in the long-term development to seek。 

4 have a certain financial strength。 

5 to comply with the company's market management rules and regulations, in the specified area of sales of products. 

Two, the localization of DMI and 

Product price: uniform price, maintain the total distribution price system. 

Product positioning: to color aluminum, PVC, resin rain fell into the water system as the leading factor, development of copper high-end products, to create the Chinese market rain fell into the water the first brand! 

Three, the dealer for 

1, have the ability to bear civil liability independently or natural person shall bear civil liability of the enterprise legal person; 

2, have the brand awareness, have a long-term vision of development, investment and risk awareness of the corresponding 

; 3, a certain understanding of the beauty myth DMI brand, understand and share the beauty myth DMI brand culture, management mode, business philosophy; 

4, the rain fell into the water system or other and similar building materials industry operating experience, have a strong sense of brand management, common development of confidence; 

 5, has a good reputation and goodwill in the local。 



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